Top 5 Kindergartens in Brambleton, VA

While the transition to a school environment may initially be rough, kindergarten provides the opportunity for young children to learn and grow. Children who attend a well-rounded kindergarten program also have vast performance benefits. For instance, children that attend kindergarten class regularly can score 60 points higher on a third-grade reading test, compared to children who did not regularly attend.

That being said, it is absolutely paramount that your child attends an excellent kindergarten program. That’s why we have made a list of the best kindergartens in Brambleton, VA!

Excell Your Child’s Education with One of the Top Kindergartens in Brambleton, VA!

Winwood Children’s Center, Brambleton I

Winwood Children’s Center, Brambleton I offers specialized programs for kindergarten-aged students. The first program is a before and after school care program, which is a perfect option for working parents. Additionally, their dynamic summer camp program is the perfect transition for soon-to-be kindergarten students.

Lastly, their customized learning programs ensure individualized instruction to each student, in focus areas such as art, cooking, technology, reading, and more. Winwood also provides private transportation to and from local elementary schools.

To contact this after school program for kindergartens, call (703)-957-2912 or schedule a tour today!

Parent review:

Winwood Children center at Brambleton off Creighton Rd is wonderful. Both of my kids go there and they absolutely love it. The teachers and faculty are amazing, caring and kind people. I could not have asked for better teachers and staff.” -Parent review via Facebook

Winwood Brambleton II

Like the other location, Winwood Children’s Center, Brambleton II is dedicated to preparing your child for success with their proprietary Kindergarten Club. This program is created to help ease your child for their transition into Kindergarten. For example, they address any anxieties or apprehension the child may feel for their schoolward venture. Combined with strategic lesson plans and fun activities, this program will help your child soar through elementary school!

For more information, call (703)-957-2914 or schedule a site tour today!

Parent review:

Walking into the Brambleton ll Winwood Children’s Center is such an amazing feeling! Immediately, I am greeted by a warm and friendly staff, and an atmosphere of creativity and genuine love for children. It’s a truly great place for children of all ages!” -Parent review via Facebook

Georgetown Hill Early School

Georgetown Hill Early School is one of our favorite kindergartens in Brambleton, VA due to its super-attentive staff and welcoming environment. Furthermore, this preschool believes that children learn through play, and offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities. From storybooks and numbers to trike-riding and running, Georgetown Hill goes above and beyond to offer a well-rounded education.

Parent review:

Georgetown Hill Woodley Gardens has been a second home for our family. We have seen our children grow and blossom due to the love and care they receive from the talented staff at the Woodley Gardens campus. Our kids love going to daycare every day, and many times they don’t want to leave! You get the sense that all staff loves what they do, and it reflects on the level of care and the warm environment they create for the kids.” -Parent review via Facebook

Round Hill Elementary School

Round Hill Elementary School is a free public school option for those near Brambleton, VA. Home of the bears, kindergarteners will learn key concepts while learning programming concepts. Additionally, children are exposed to activities like Legos and computer games, designed to teach them patterns and sequences that will be useful in future programming. This kindergarten also offers free and reduced lunches for those in need.

Parent review:

“RHES has been an amazing experience for all 3 of my girls. My youngest is entering 5th grade her final year and our final year as a family. 10 years of RHE has brought so many great memories. I cannot say enough great things about the teachers, office staff and administrators. Here’s to another great year!” -Parent review via Facebook

Loudoun Country Day School

At Loudoun Country Day School, eager learners become confident leaders thanks to their holistic educational experience. This school includes accelerated academics, which are not typically included at other schools. For example, they offer swimming and public speaking classes. Moreover, kindergarteners learn to think critically and creatively with hands-on activities in literacy, math, science, and more.

Parent review:

Our daughter loves Loudoun Country Day School. Dr. Hollister has assembled the finest team of educators possible. The school has exceeded our expectations in every way. They strike a perfect balance of academics, music, art, and sports to ensure the students are well rounded. The facilities are World Class. I recommend this school to any family without reservation.” -Parent review via Facebook

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