Fun Things to Do in Brambleton, VA with Kids

Between work, school, and other important things you must take care of, it can be easy to get stuck in a boring routine. Therefore, it’s important to break up the monotonous tasks with fun adventures! 

We’ve prepared a list of the most fun, kid-friendly things to do in Brambleton, VA. Keep reading to find out where your next adventure will take you! 

Top 5 Things to Do in Brambleton, VA for You and the Kids!

1. Winwood Children’s Center

Winwood Children’s Center is a great place for children to have fun while parents are working or busy with other important things. Some of the programs they offer include infant care, toddler care, preschool, kindergarten club, before and after school care, and summer camp. Each and every one of these programs encourages learning through fun, engaging activities. 

Additionally, there are two Winwood locations in Brambleton to choose from, making transportation easy. These locations include Winwood Children’s Center, Brambleton and Winwood Children’s Center, Brambleton II

Schedule a visit at one of these Winwood locations today! 

2. Heritage Farm Museum

Heritage Farm Museum aims to educate the public on the past 250 years of agricultural history in Loudoun County. This isn’t just any regular museum, though. The Heritage Farm Museum engages the public with exciting programs and events!

Some of the programs include ones for family, school, scouts, camps, and more! Moreover, every Tuesday is Toddler Tuesday, which invites parents and toddlers to interact with a themed story. Additionally, in September, they have an Autumn Apple Festival for families to enjoy. There are constantly new events for newcomers to check out!

3. Summit Ropes Indoor Adventure

Summit Ropes is the largest indoor ropes course in the United States, consisting of 16,550 square feet of rope courses. Moreover, there are courses for all ages, so both little kids and adults can have fun! Each course offers challenging activities that engage individuals’ minds and bodies. Each person is strapped to a harness, making every obstacle safe while maintaining excitement. 

4. Brambleton Library

Perhaps you are interested in a calmer experience. Brambleton Library is home to some of the best local activities around! The library is always hosting fun events for all ages. For example, they have playtime for little ones, movie time for families, arcade tournaments, knitting and crocheting circles, family storytimes, baby storytimes, and more! This library also has 32 public computers, some of which contain educational games for children. There is truly something for everyone at the Brambleton Library!

5. Regal Fox and IMAX

Regal Fox and IMAX is a local movie theatre in Brambleton. Interestingly, regal operates one of the largest and most geographically diverse theatre circuits in the United States. This theatre, in particular, is the only one in the Brambleton area. Therefore, if you want to watch that new Disney or Pixar movie, check out Regal! This theatre has multiple screens that feature new release films, in addition to comfortable, plush seating and a concession stand. 

Start Planning Your Family Fun Today!

With so many fun things to do in Brambleton, VA, you will never have a boring day in the small town. So what are you waiting for? Plan a visit to one of these fun locations and start your next mini adventure!