Top 5 Summer Camps in Brambleton, VA

Beat the summer slump with educational summer camps in Brambleton, VA! Did you know? Students that participate in a traditional summer break are more likely to forget knowledge acquired during the school year. Even more, according to Brookings Institution, students lose between 25 and 30 percent of their school-year learning over the summer. In turn, the summer slump causes sizable educational setbacks.

All in all, while summer provides a much-needed reprieve, it also contributes to the loss of classroom knowledge. Prevent the impending summer loss with a summer camp that combines lessons with fun, hands-on activities!

Start your search for the perfect summer camp with this list of summer camps in Brambleton, VA!

Summer camps in Brambleton, VA to invigorate your child

Winwood Children’s Center, Brambleton I

School’s out for summer, but that doesn’t mean that the learning stops! Winwood Children’s Center, Brambleton I on Creighton Road offers a variety of learning opportunities in the form of hands-on activities, crafts, and field trips.

Don’t wait another moment to sign your child up for this summertime adventure. Call 703-957-2914 to contact Winwood Children’s Center, Brambleton I on Creighton Road across from Creighton’s Corner Elementary School.

Winwood Children’s Center, Brambleton II

Give your child a summer adventure to remember at Winwood Children’s Center, Brambleton II. This Winwood school, located on Redeemer Terrace, is the go-to destination for children with a desire for knowledge. At Winwood’s 2019 summer camp, campers will embark on a worldwide tour of culture, and history. During the adventure, participants learn about historical landmarks, national sports, food cultures, and more! Countries featured in this odyssey include Morocco, Denmark, Italy, Australia, India, and more.

Enroll your explorer in this summer camp exploration! Contact Winwood Children’s Center, Brambleton II on Redeemer Terrace across from Briar Woods High Schools at 703-957-2914 to register your child for summertime fun.


Your child’s education doesn’t end at the sound of a school bell! The educational fun doesn’t stop at SciGenius. SciGenius is an all-inclusive STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) summer camp that engages students in coding, robotics, digital art, and math. In addition, each themed week brings an opportunity to learn about a new topic. Themed weeks include SafariCamp Robotics, Minecraft Coding, Citycamp Robotics, and more!

Adventure Links

Education shouldn’t be limited to the classroom! For example, Adventure Links teaches practical life lessons about nature, relationships, physicality, and safety during their sleep-away and day summer camps. At their location in Hemlock Overlook Regional Park, campers participate in kayaking, challenge courses, caving and more. All in all, campers are given the opportunity to move outside of the classroom and learn constructive life lessons.

STEM and Flower

STEM and Flower combine the best of both worlds to create an immersive summer learning experience. Notably, STEM topics are taught avidly to spur interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In addition, essential skills and intriguing lessons like public speaking and basic music skills are introduced early and built upon with the succession of each topic.

Beat the summer slump!

The summer learning loss can set a student back months of school. However, a summer camp that incorporates educational topics that engage your student and sparks interest can be the solution. Give your child a summer to remember with one of these fun and educational summer camps in Brambleton, VA.