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We are SUPER impressed with the preschool programs at Winwood (3-5 years old). Our son is in kindergarten this year, went in as a 4 year old, one of the youngest in his class, and received an 84% on his PALS test this Fall (which is about 60% more than expected of new kindergartners) I give a TON of credit to Winwood South Riding and their wonderful Pre-K & Jr K teachers for teaching my son to read, write, recognize all letters, numbers, and letter sounds, and put him in the top of his kindergarten class as a fresh 5 year old (Birthday is 9/19). I am beyond impressed with these results!

We trust all of the teachers here and they do a wonderful job. Kudos Winwood South Riding on being such an outstanding child care facility! We have, and always will, recommend you. Thank you!

Hernandez Family 5 stars - Excellent

I have been working in this center for past 9 years. My colleagues are amazing and we all work as a team. The curriculum is very challenging . My son has nothing but wonderful memories about Winwood.

Meena 5 stars - Excellent

What a great experience we had. I moved my boy from a different preschool to Winwood South Riding and it was a matched for both of us from the beginning. I made the best choice! My son loved going to school and loved his teachers. The staff is knowledgeable, professional and friendly. We couldn’t ask for more. JR K is a great program and my son is now more than well prepared for kindergarten. Thank you Winwood SR for everything.

Roxana 5 stars - Excellent

Preschool 2– my daughter has been at Winwood South Riding since she was three months old. The attention to detail that the staff has shown in the everyday care of my daughter is second to none! The staff and teachers foster a creative approach to learning that has been extremely beneficial to my little girl. She loves going to school and seeing her friends. I could not be more pleased with Winwood South Riding.

James Donovan 5 stars - Excellent

Our son has attended Winwood of South Riding for over three years, and we are extremely happy with our experience! He has loved all of his teachers and classrooms. The staff are all very friendly and know children by name. As parents, we love the structured curriculum/schedule, and our son loves the social interaction, learning, and has made friendships that will last a long time!

Stephanie 5 stars - Excellent

At Winwood SR we found an Administration that cares deeply for the kids and a teaching staff dedicated to learning while providing a fun environment. We have seen our son grow so well while at Winwood. He is happy there and developed into a child who is very well prepared for Kindergarten. The Jr K program was just fantastic!

Jonathan 5 stars - Excellent

We couldn’t be happier with the care and education our Children receive at Winwood Children’s Center in South Riding. The Teachers are amazing, truly caring individuals that have become an important part of our children’s lives. As a parent, I love the stability of the Teaching Staff; even though our children are 3 years apart in age, the same teachers that taught my son several years ago, are now teaching our daughter. It’s a safe and caring environment that I would recommend to anyone.

Sarah & Mike K.

I wanted to take a quick opportunity, while I was thinking about it, to recognize what a great job your staff is doing. Specifically Ms. Zahara, Ms. Meena and Ms. Tracy who did an outstanding job preparing our son and the whole pre-K class from last year for Kindergarten. It’s now a month into the school year and the work they did to prepare them for this year is clear. He has already received special recognition in his kindergarten class (that he is so proud of!) and I strongly believe it’s because they not only prepared them academically but also taught them about responsibility and the importance of being prepared and good listeners in the classroom. I’m very grateful for the strong foundation they instilled in the kids on what it takes to be successful at the “big school.” Also, I wanted to say what a great job Miss. Vicki and Miss. Leslie are doing in pre-school 2! Our daughter has made the transition to full-day school very well. I love their enthusiasm every morning. I know they have both been in other classrooms during our time at Winwood but I feel they are such a great fit for 2 years olds—who I know can be a challenge. I know often times you only hear from parents when they are unhappy so I just wanted to drop a quick note to say we love our teachers at Winwood (even the others who I didn’t mention in the email). Thanks to you and your whole team for all that everyone is doing to make it a great experience for our kids on a daily basis.


As crazy as it sounds, I actually got choked up writing the last check to Winwood from the Singer Family. After almost thirteen years, it is with nothing but sadness and loss that we say good-bye. (In face, Reenie and Wyatt wanted to drop in today to say on last good-bye to “every room”). I remember that first day so many years ago when we met Ms. Colleen at the door of Winwood to drop of our infant Cole – we were nervous, but at the same time relieved that our child was attending the best Day Care provider in the area. Watching all those happy babies and busy teachers as I unloaded my diaper bag every morning is one of my fondest memories of the Infant Room. That is why I could not resist doing it two more times © We have trusted you with all three of our children to provide them with the knowledge and tools to begin this great journey into their education. Never for one day did you let us down. You have taken any concerns seriously and addressed them immediately (although I recall very few!). My children never once complained about going to Winwood – in fact, most days we had trouble getting them to leave! That says a lot about your facility, program and above all else your people. You have fostered leadership and independence in our children and at the same time taught them to carry themselves with the grace, kindness and respect for others that will hopefully carry them successfully into the future. We are very proud of our children for how they have adapted to elementary school and we know that is due in part to the way you have touched their lives. I notice that when Irene walks into the door of Winwood every morning, she is secure in her surroundings and looks forward to the new things she will learn about this great world from all of you! I could not write a farewell letter without mentioning two teachers who I hold very dear for what they taught me – and my kids adore them!! Ms. Zahara and Ms. Leslie, you helped me to become a better mother to my children. You always went out of your way to talk to me and share some of their experiences (“escapades” for Wyatt) that I missed during the day. But it was your experiences and advice as a mother, and a teacher of countless other children that helped me the most. You always knew a few “tricks of trade” that no mother figures out on her own and reassured me when I was worried about a developmental skill or general concerns that come with raising kids. I dreaded when my children moved up to the next room and I would no longer see you every day. And Ms. Amy – my kids loved helping you and the food you served! It is with so many tears that the Singer’s are leaving Winwood. I hope that all the other families have the same, great experience that we were so lucky to find. I can say with absolute certainty that we will remember you forever. Thank you for everything you have given to us.

Singer Family

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