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I can’t speak highly enough of Winwood Children’s Center in Ashburn. My first child started in the infants room when she was 3 months old and she is now 3 years old. From her first day in the school, my wife and I have been welcomed and treated just like family! Watching my daughter progress from the infants to the toddlers, then the Preschool 2’s to Preschool 3’s has just been amazing to watch. I know that she is getting a head start and love hearing her so excited about the things she does each day! I now have another daughter who is 3 months old who has just started in the infant room and the teachers made for such a smooth transition. It is evident through every interaction that the teachers truly love the children in their care. Management is always available to help with anything that I need and always do their best to accommodate every family. If I could give more than 5 stars I absolutely would!

Michael 5 stars - Excellent

My son has attended school and Winwood for four years. The teaching staff is outstanding and the director is a god sent. She’s totally aware of all activities in each room, she manage and oversee all programs professionally and as a parent.
I would definitely recommend Winwood Ashburn to all my friends and those seeking Child care facilities.

Marshall Harris 5 stars - Excellent

My son is going into kindergarten able to read. We are so happy with the learning he received at Winwood in Ashburn.

Amar 5 stars - Excellent

My two boys started Winwood as babies. The Infant teachers provided the best care for my little ones and also me. As a new mom they made me feel so comfortable leaving my baby with them, but also provided me moral support. Lots of hugs and encouragement! Those ladies were just the first step on the journey through the years at Winwood. Toddler teachers were loving and new how to get my boys moving and grooving. Two’s teachers were a HUGE part of them being potty-trained. As my boys got older the Three’s and Prek teachers were a perfect mix of loving structure. They combine fun and academic learning, planned activities and choices for a wonderful classroom experience. This is not to say that in over 5 years issues did not come up now and then. If they did management and staff always made me feel heard. They addressed my concerns and always had my children best interest in mind. We had an amazing experience at Winwood in Ashburn, even the cook was someone who you felt loved my kids. I can’t recommend enough this Ashburn center!!!

Catherine 5 stars - Excellent

The Ashburn Winwood is an amazing School! As a mom who was returning to work for the first time and searching for a warm, fun environment for my “babies” to spend their days, Winwood provided a sense of peace for me. My son absolutely loved the time he spent with Ms. Ginger in the After Kindergarten program and my daughter has really come out of her shell and made lots of friends and truly loves going to school each day. I can attest to the love and dedication the teachers have for the children.

Kristin 5 stars - Excellent

We have been bringing our children to the Winwood in Ashburn for nearly 10 years. The leadership team and classroom teachers have always been excellent. Truth is they continue to get better every year. They are constantly making improvements with the curriculum and the facilities and we greatly appreciate these consistent efforts over the years.

Sam 5 stars - Excellent

I have three daughters that attend Winwood. My youngest is the infants room, my second youngest daughter attends the young learners program, and my oldest daughter attends the preschool program offered at Winwood. We have been at Winwood since 2013 and must I say, the school appearance is so beautiful, it caught my attention and it was the first childcare center I visited in Ashburn. Here’s a little background story; I was childcare shopping and ran into the mothers of one of my best friends…My search immediately ended for childcare! If Ms. Garcia is the director, you know your children are in excellent hands! Although, that alone won me over, the entire staff at Winwood makes my family feel real special. Being a single mother is hard work, especially to three little divas. However, every morning we are greeted at the door and immediately my children and are welcomed with a warm and genuine greeting. That saying “it takes a village to raise a child” always comes to mind when I enter Winwood located on Hay road. The teachers go above and beyond for their students, and I can tell they give my little girls that special tender love and care. It really makes me feel good to know that my children are not only in good hands, but in GREAT hands. I also enjoy that the center doesn’t have a “daycare atmosphere” it is more like a school. The activities that they encourage the children to participate enhances their vocabulary, their ability to problem solve and increases their overall confidence. My daughters have learned so much at Winwood, it amazes me how much they have advanced since they have been attending Winwood. I love when my preschooler comes home and talks about the planets or shares with me the activities she participated at school. I also really enjoy the school’s curriculum as well. The whole school works on a theme and each class works on a major focal point of the theme. The hallways are always decorated with art projects according to the theme and look amazing from the artwork / projects created by the students and displayed by the teachers. The hard work and dedication of the staff in Winwood is what keeps us from going to find another school. I know what they offer here and the staff and Directors are AMAZING!

Asal Kashani 5 stars - Excellent

I would like to start by saying; Winwood Children’s Center in Ashburn is absolutely amazing! It is more than just a childcare, but it is like a second home. My daughter has been enrolled in this program since she was 10 months; she is now 4 years old. She has been thru the infant room, toddlers, preschool 2, and she is now currently in the preschool 3 class. The infant room offers a very warm welcoming environment that makes dropping off your precious baby easy. My daughter would go to school every morning smiling excited to see all of her friends and her teachers. As my daughter got older and moved into the toddler room she began to experience separation anxiety. The toddler teachers not only put me at ease, but they also put my daughter at ease. They understood separating from a crying child was difficult for both myself and my daughter and found a way to make the process so much more enjoyable. My child was greeted every morning with a smiling face and open arms. She quickly became comfortable and soon was leaving my arms happy and waving to me at the door. Without the wonderful teachers, I don’t know if I would have been able to make it thru those tough morning drop offs. Potty training in the two’s room was a breeze. The teachers told me they felt my daughter was ready to begin training and they walked me thru it step by step. With this being my first child I wasn’t familiar with all of the tricks and techniques about potty training. The teachers were on the same page as me when it came to our potty training schedule and my daughter was potty trained within a week. Now in the three’s room I couldn’t be happier. My daughter has grown so much and has become a confidant independent little girl. She now is able to recognize all of her upper case letters and the letter sounds and she can count and write her numbers well over 50. She wakes up every morning asking to go to school, and even wants to go on the weekend! As soon as I pick her up she nonstop talks about her teachers, friends, and all of the fun she had at school. I can tell the teachers are making learning fun because she comes home telling me things about dinosaur extinction, the 50 stars and 13 stripes on the American flag, and that Earth is the third planet in the solar system. I am truly amazed with how smart she is and the things she has been able to learn due to her teacher’s excellent teaching style. Her teachers make me feel like my daughter is the only child in the class. They communicate to me when she has been having troubles following directions and they also communicate the good things about her day. Her teachers are always available whenever I need them, they are knowledgeable and approachable and have helped my daughter and I grow tremendously. I walk into the class every morning and see a clean, safe, fun environment. The toys and materials are well taken care of and the classroom is well kept. My daughter’s art is displayed throughout the week and there is evidence of learning all thru the class. Not only are the teachers wonderful but management is just as amazing. I am greeted by the Director every morning and both the director and assistant are always available and able to answer any questions I may have. I have been very pleased with my time at Winwood and I look forward to having my daughter continue learning and growing as she moves up from class to class.


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