Toddler Care

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Toddler Care

Age Range:
1 - 2 years
Areas of Learning:

Baby Signs®

Social Development

Creative Development

Fun and Safe Learning for Toddlers

Leaving your child at toddler daycare while you attend to your obligations can be a difficult process. Our nurturing caregivers here at Winwood Children’s Center provide a safe and comforting atmosphere rich with art, music, reading, and outdoor playtime to make the transition fluid and fun for your child. Our equipment and environment meet strict state and federal safety regulation so that your little one can stay our of harm’s way while growing and playing!

Encouraging Brain Development

Trillions of new neuron-dendrite connections, known as synapses, form during the toddler years. It is essential to encourage as many new connections as possible because synapses that fail to connect will not regenerate in the future.[1] At Winwood Children’s Center, our toddler program focuses on stimulating neural growth through a curriculum of fun cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical activities.

• Cognitive: Mentally stimulating experiences, as well as the presence of attentive caregivers and interactive conversations are among the most important factors to consider while supporting your toddler’s cognitive development.[2] Our program features activities such as naming items, hiding and fining objects, and exploring picture books in order to positively affect your little one’s brain.

• Socio-Emotional: This is quite an exciting time for socio-emotional development! Children at this age learn to imitate adult behavior through mirror neurons, express curiosity about strangers, and assert their idea of independence.[3] We encourage healthy growth in these areas through lessons on managing emotions and establishing friendships, as well as lessons on understanding the feelings of others.

• Physical: Toddlers eagerly explore their surroundings through crawling and walking. However, their motor skill development sometimes lags behind their insatiable curiosity, which is why our daycare professionals supervise them in a safe and predictable environment.

Toddler Activities:

• Discovery Time: We stock our classrooms with props, costumes, and a plethora of arts-and-crafts materials to make every day a joyous act of discovery for your youngster.

• Talk, Talk, Talk: One effective method of keeping your toddler’s brain healthy as he or she improves their reading comprehension, socialization, and thinking skills is by exposing them to active conversations.[4] Our toddler program emphasizes talking and listening among children as well as in child-caregiver interactions.

• Baby Signs®: As with our infant and early learner programs, our toddler program teaches the original Baby Signs® methodology to children to give them effective tools for communicating emotions and needs. This tool is especially helpful for toddlers who do not yet know certain words or phrases to express their feelings, and it can reduce frustration as they learn to talk.

• Socialization: Our program supports socialization growth through storytelling, finger play, and group songs, which have been shown to sharpen communication skills while building tongue and mouth muscle memory.

• Growing Independence: As their self-awareness expands, toddlers love to feel that they are becoming more independent and strong. By teaching them to get dressed, wash their hands and pick up toys after themselves, we support this growing autonomy.

• Fun with Fitness: Our caregivers lead toddlers through supervised dance and fun fitness activities so that their physical abilities and motor skills can develop at the most effective rate possible.

• Potty Training: Everyone learns this vital life skill at their own pace. But we believe that the extra support of learning potty training at school benefits children and increases their confidence.

Building Fundamental Skills

Our program development specialists have crafted curriculum backed by studies to increase the likelihood of high achievement later in life. Our program enables your toddler to learn the skills needed for future educational success in a safe and effective manner.