Summer Camp

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Summer Camp

Age Range:
5 - 12 yrs.
Areas of Learning:


Physical Fitness Education

Group Activities

Science and Nature

Our Summer Camp Program

Children love to learn whether or not they are attending school! Long after the last bell of the school year rings, their brains hunger for new knowledge and exciting experiences. Our summer camp maintains the mental edge that was honed during the school year by focusing on science, math, and reading skills. We also encourage our summer camp students to advance their social skills and physical abilities through outdoor adventures.

Many Ways We Have Fun in the Sun

Fitness Fun: Daily exercise is a vital component of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Our program supports holistic health through group sports, swimming, dancing, and adventure-based activities in safe and supervised environments.

Mental Muscles: On top of promoting reading through group activities and summer reading assignments, our instructors help your child to build mental muscle by leading nature walks to observe birds and other wildlife from a safe distance.

Outdoor Fun: Too much time spent indoors can cause minds to stagnate. We take advantage of the beautiful and bright summer weather by getting kids outdoors for sports, games, picnics, and other fun activities.

Active Members of the Community: Our summer camp includes day trips to nearby attractions and parks, so that your child can form a better understanding of his or her community. We also encourage children to create communities of their own through group activities that foster friendships and build social skills.

Field Trips: From observing monkeys and bears at the county zoo to uncovering the secrets of the past at the local museum, our summer camp program keeps kids’ imaginations and minds keen. If you know of an aquarium or art gallery that you’d like us to include in the summer camp itinerary, offer a suggestion and we’ll do our best to accommodate it!

Healthy Habits: Fitness alone can only get you so far! We emphasize nutrition and healthy eating habits through the meals and snacks we provide. Our instructors also teach hands-on cooking and food-preparation lessons to give your child the support he or she needs to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Extended and Flexible Schedules: We understand that many parents have strict work hours they have to abide by, which is why we offer flexible drop-off and pick-up times as well as extended camp hours for those who need it.

Kids Sharpen Their Minds at Winwood Summer Camp

Studies have shown that for many children, summer vacation creates a backslide in learning and skill retention. The good news is that those who attend summer camp programs have statistically better academic records, on average.[1] The skills retained and sharpened during summer camp can even effect the likelihood of high school graduation and college attendance.[2] We base our programs on developmental research to keep your youngster’s mental muscles strong while opening new doors in educational adventures and exploration.