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Age Range:
3 – 4 years
Areas of Learning:

Language & Literacy

Computers & Technology


Promoting Early Growth

Preschoolers receive the most effective education from enriching environments such as those at Winwood Children’s Centers, which encourage fun activities such as puppet play, gardening, and storytelling. Our nurturing and highly skilled teachers introduce early academic concepts, while keeping every day silly and fun. Active play in a supportive environment builds a strong foundation for success and happiness at every age!

Supporting a Lifetime of Achievement

Studies have shown that 90 percent of the brain develops by age five.[1] If supported by an effective preschool program, this rapid period of skill and knowledge acquisition can create conditions for higher test scores and a reduced chance of grade repetition and delinquent behavior later on.[2] A purposeful preschool program can be instrumental to your little one’s educational success.

Cognitive: Did you know that three-year-olds have twice as many neural connections as adults?[3] They grow these extra connections to make rapid strides in learning. It is essential to stimulate as many of these connections as possible, because once a child reaches adolescence, he or she begins to shed the unused connections at a rapid rate. We incorporate a wide variety of activities including guessing games, storytelling, and speech games to stimulate as many of these neural connections as possible.

Socio-Emotional: By age three, children have discovered a basic sense of self and have begun developing interpersonal relationships with their peers, family members, and caregivers. Our preschool education program puts an emphasis on sharing toys, using responsible communication, and practicing empathy to bring out the best in their natural impulse to be a part of the group.

Physical: Winwood Children’s Center provides safe, age-appropriate equipment in a supervised environment to support children as they learn to jump in place, mold clay, and ride tricycles.[4]

Preschool Activities Include:

Speech and Communication: Children who participate in conversations and hear many new words create new brain cell connections. Our instructors engage in conversations with their young pupils to strengthen their vocabularies and neural networks.

Love of Literacy: Studies have shown that reading aloud to children helps build a strong base of literary skills.[5] On top of this, regular exposure to written works helps children to strengthen their imaginations and vocabularies. We incorporate books into our physical activities as well as our math, cooking, and science lessons to strengthen your little one’s brain.

Bilingual Lessons: Studies have illustrated that the ideal time for learning a second language is within the first three to four years of life—which means preschool![6] Our daycare professionals incorporate Spanish words into lessons on numbers, animals, weather, clothing, greetings, and food, so that if they choose to, the youngsters at Winwood Children’s Center can become effortlessly bilingual.

A Strong Fitness Base: Kids need room to romp around! We know this and have prepared safe areas for children to test their jumping, running, and motor skills while under supervision.

New Experts in Technology: Technological advancements have had massive impacts on education in recent years. At Winwood Children’s Center, we introduce youngsters to educational activities on computers. In addition to this, an increasing number of our centers now features Smart Boards, touch-screen whiteboards that help with cognitive and fine motor skill development.

Parent Communication

Winwood Children’s Center works with you and your child to define and reach important educational goals. Our services include regular meetings and progress reports designed to keep you as close as possible to your child during these formative years.