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Age Range:
4 - 5 years
Areas of Learning:

Language & Literacy

Computers & Technology


Developing Important Skills in Pre-Kindergarten

In the past decade, kindergarten requirements have skyrocketed. One example of this is that about two-thirds of kindergarten instructors now expect their incoming students to know the alphabet.[1] Due to the increased expectations, over 200,000 children need to repeat kindergarten each year.[2] Our prekindergarten education program addresses the concerns of parents by teaching basic math and problem-solving skills, increasing literacy and vocabulary, and sharpening motor skills so that your child is prepared to excel in kindergarten.

A Successful Elementary Education Starts in Pre-Kindergarten

Studies have shown that Pre-K students are more likely to experience greater high school graduation rates and lifetime achievements and can expect higher earnings than those who have not undergone Pre-K education. Research also suggests links between Pre-K programs and high reading and math scores.[3]

• Cognitive: At age four, many children discover the joys of wordplay, reading simple books, storytelling, and counting to 20 and beyond! We encourage and celebrate these accomplishments with engaging interactions and stimulating environments so that all Pre-K students at our daycare can proudly make use of these new skills.

• Socio-Emotional: A sense of independence and the formation of close friendships are the hallmark socio-emotional stages of this age. To ensure that your youngster can make the most of his or her enthusiastic approach to life, we focus on parent-teacher collaborations and providing appropriate behavior to model.

• Physical: Run, jump, and play! These activities, as well as ladder climbing and purposeful drawing and painting, become newfound sources of joy for four year olds. We provide outdoor and indoor play facilities that meet strict state and federal safety regulations so that your little one can develop their new physical capabilities in a secure environment.

Pre-K Program Activities Include:

• Skill Mastery: Winwood Children’s Center’s curriculum covers science, social studies, math, fitness, and literacy to encourage optimal growth.

• Safe Confidence Boosts: As the need for independence increases, your child will be prone to explore the world around them. We take steps to ensure that they do so in a safe environment with guidance from our daycare professionals.

• Building a Strong Vocabulary: One of the best ways for pre-K students to advance in writing, reading, as well as listening and communicating in general is to practice fun vocabulary lessons in groups.[4] Our teachers assist with language expansion by conducting daily vocabulary lessons and introducing new words.

• Promoting Literacy: Our daycare educators lead group activities that immerse budding new minds in letters, sounds, words, and stories. These activities focus on teaching phonological and print recognition. We also give students time to practice their writing and letter formation skills on our Pre-K Word Wall.

• Bilingual Studies: At Winwood Children’s Center, we expand cultural and linguistic horizons by introducing games such as cooking, weather forecasting, and playing make-believe in Spanish, the second most-common language in the world.[5]

• Early Fitness Habits: Studies indicate that learning about wellness, fitness, and health at an early age drastically increases the likelihood of maintaining healthy habits later in life.[6] We teach fun physical fitness as well as simple and healthy cooking lessons to all of our Pre-K students.

• Fostering Computer Skills: Computers and the Internet have become extremely influential aspects of education. Our programs introduce children to the digital world through use of educational computer programs. An increasing number of our Winwood Children’s Center locations incorporate the use of the Smart Board, a touch-screen whiteboard that stimulates writing and fine motor skills in fun, exciting ways.

Give Your Child the Best Pre-Kindergarten Education Possible

Our experience has taught us that an unparalleled Pre-K education starts with small classrooms, low child-to-instructor ratios, and an experienced and supportive team. With our help, your child develops the skills required to thrive in kindergarten