Before & After Care

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Before & After Care

Age Range:
5 - 12 years
Areas of Learning:

Computers & Technology

Science & Nature


Support, Socializing, and Safety

Our before and after care program is here with full support for your child while you’re at work. We encourage youngsters to set and achieve their own academic and personal goals, we help them study and complete homework assignments, and we encourage them to build and strengthen friendships. We provide private transportation to and from many of the surrounding schools to ensure that your child arrives safe and secure each day.

Our Before and After Care Program Features:

Customized Learning Programs: Public schools across the nation have become more standardized and crowded, which has resulted in many students having their need for personalized attention neglected. This is why our program features customized learning strategies based on each child’s grade, interests, and strengths. We offer an array of age-specific activities to assist children age five to 12 with their developmental growth. Our study and focus areas include art, cooking, technology, reading, sports, drama, and science.

Outdoor Adventures & Activities: Our advice to kids who want to learn faster: get outside and play every day! Studies have shown that physical activity has a powerful positive impact on academic performance.[1] Physical fitness also strengthens muscle, bone, organ, and emotional health. Our facilities contain outdoor areas where your little one can explore and share supervised adventures with their peers.

Homework Helpers: Not only do our specialized daycare teachers see that your child gets his or her homework done, but they answer questions and help them work through difficult problems and writing prompts. We hold our before and after care in a small classroom setting to make the process as fluid and effective as possible so that your child will be free to enjoy the remainder of the day pursuing hobbies or playing with friends!

Transportation: To ease the stress of traveling off your shoulders, we provide private transportation to and from many of the surrounding elementary schools. We take into account the schools’ academic calendars so that we can be available during school holidays and half days.