Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

Reviews from Our Parents

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We’ve been at Winwood for years and we love it. The teachers truly care about the children and they come home everyday having learned something new. This is not just a daycare, they have a solid curriculum with a wide variety of activities throughout the year. I also enjoy the opportunities they offer for parents to be involved creating a feeling of community.

Julie S.

I can’t speak highly enough of Winwood Children’s Center in Ashburn. My first child started in the infants room when she was 3 months old and she is now 3 years old. From her first day in the school, my wife and I have been welcomed and treated just like family! Watching my daughter progress from the infants to the toddlers, then the Preschool 2’s to Preschool 3’s has just been amazing to watch. I know that she is getting a head start and love hearing her so excited about the things she does each day! I now have another daughter who is 3 months old who has just started in the infant room and the teachers made for such a smooth transition. It is evident through every interaction that the teachers truly love the children in their care. Management is always available to help with anything that I need and always do their best to accommodate every family. If I could give more than 5 stars I absolutely would!

Michael 5 stars - Excellent

I can not say enough good things about the pre k class. My daughter has a September birthday and sending her to Winwood was one of the best decisions we could have made to build a strong foundation for her education. The team is great and my daughter thrived there.

The Murray Family 5 stars - Excellent

I cannot say enough good things about Winwood Brambleton II! The staff is incredibly warm and inviting and have been there for many years. Even if your child is not in their current class, each teacher still knows everyone, it is like a big family. The management team, Tish and Allison, make a great combo! I highly recommend Winwood Brambleton II if you are looking for a daycare/preschool for your little ones!

Michael G.

I am “that mom” that does not trust anyone with my kids, and Winwood has been more than accommodating. The teachers are amazing, and work with each kid individually. Even the teachers in the school, that have yet to meet my kids, say hi to them every morning. I toured many schools, and Winwood after 3 years has still been my school of choice! Amazing, school and teachers. Love them.

Adriana 5 stars - Excellent

We are SUPER impressed with the preschool programs at Winwood (3-5 years old). Our son is in kindergarten this year, went in as a 4 year old, one of the youngest in his class, and received an 84% on his PALS test this Fall (which is about 60% more than expected of new kindergartners) I give a TON of credit to Winwood South Riding and their wonderful Pre-K & Jr K teachers for teaching my son to read, write, recognize all letters, numbers, and letter sounds, and put him in the top of his kindergarten class as a fresh 5 year old (Birthday is 9/19). I am beyond impressed with these results!

We trust all of the teachers here and they do a wonderful job. Kudos Winwood South Riding on being such an outstanding child care facility! We have, and always will, recommend you. Thank you!

Hernandez Family 5 stars - Excellent

Winwood-Gainesville sets the high bar for children’s centers in Northern Virginia. The staff makes you feel welcome and appreciated; the teachers are excellent and turnover is very low; communication is outstanding. Our daughter is actually disappointed on the days she can’t go to school because she adores her teachers–Ms. Huynh and Ms. Mayes. We couldn’t be more pleased with choosing Winwood for our child! Our only regret is not choosing it years ago!

Suzanne Arey 5 stars - Excellent

Love Winwood! We have had the pleasure of having our 3 children at Winwood for some years now and cannot say enough about their program. Each of our kids (infant-5 years old) were just as content at Winwood as they were at home. Winwood does an exceptionally fantastic job at hiring their teachers and we cannot say enough about their staff. They also do a phenomenal job rotating their teachers around from room to room, in order to give the kids a chance to get to know the entire staff. This makes for a much easier transition when the kids move up from one room to the next. We loved receiving our email updates with pictures and details of what our children were up to throughout the day. Their JR K program is exceptionally strong and we felt our oldest was incredibly well prepared for Kindergarten. Quite simply a great place to send your kids! Would highly recommend Winwood to anyone! 5 stars:)

Alex and Niccole Piguet 5 stars - Excellent

What a great experience we had. I moved my boy from a different preschool to Winwood South Riding and it was a matched for both of us from the beginning. I made the best choice! My son loved going to school and loved his teachers. The staff is knowledgeable, professional and friendly. We couldn’t ask for more. JR K is a great program and my son is now more than well prepared for kindergarten. Thank you Winwood SR for everything.

Roxana 5 stars - Excellent

My son is going into kindergarten able to read. We are so happy with the learning he received at Winwood in Ashburn.

Amar 5 stars - Excellent

We have been bringing our children to the Winwood in Ashburn for nearly 10 years. The leadership team and classroom teachers have always been excellent. Truth is they continue to get better every year. They are constantly making improvements with the curriculum and the facilities and we greatly appreciate these consistent efforts over the years.

Sam 5 stars - Excellent

Our son has attended Winwood of South Riding for over three years, and we are extremely happy with our experience! He has loved all of his teachers and classrooms. The staff are all very friendly and know children by name. As parents, we love the structured curriculum/schedule, and our son loves the social interaction, learning, and has made friendships that will last a long time!

Stephanie 5 stars - Excellent

One of the most difficult things a parent does is choosing that right daycare for their child. Winwood is not just a daycare for our daughters; it is a place of learning that brings fun to the classroom. As parents, we have the utmost respect for the teachers at Winwood. Our daughters enjoy going to school because of the caring relationship they have with their teachers. We are amazed at what they are being taught at such a young age. We do not have to worry about our daughters when they are at Winwood because we know they are in good hands and are having fun.

Missy & Matt M.

Just to say…Thank you so much. For all your patience…day to day. For every tear you wipe away. For “little hands” you gently hold. And all the stories you have told. For your consoling, tender heart. And all the wisdom you impart. For silly songs and quiet times. For peaceful napes and nursery rhymes. For being there in place of me. I’m grateful and I’ll always be! Love you loads.


On a personal note, I wanted to thank you for your support with our children. I know how hard you and Christine work to keep things running smoothly and you both do an exceptional job and are great leaders. The teachers that have worked with our girls have been nurturing and patient and we truly appreciate that. I want to especially commend Miss Jessica who really went out of her way to assist us when Lila was being assessed by the county. She was prompt, professional and thorough when it came to the many forms we asked her to fill out. Miss Sharleen has also been a great role model for Lila and we are grateful that she has been so patient with her. I also cannot say enough about Miss Tori and Miss Nancy. They clearly love Sabrina and she loves them. Sabrina and Lila have thrived at Winwood and I believe that it has to do with the leadership and wonderful teachers you have hired. Other shout outs include Miss Becky, Miss Amy, Miss Beth, Miss Lauren, Miss Laura and Miss Courtney and Miss Shavonda who have left. I’m sure I’ve missed some names but I wanted to make sure that we acknowledge these teachers as well. Again, thank you for being a great leader. I know it’s a collaborative effort but it always begins with the leader and you and Christine have set the tone for a wonderful and nurturing environment.

Zamarit, Dean, Sabrina and Lila Simpkins

We have been a Winwood family through seven years and three kids. The teachers and staff are all dedicated to loving and appreciating each child for their unique qualities. We could not ask for better care as well as an excellent learning environment for our kids and we feel so fortunate to have had Winwood as our extended family!

Katie N.

Winwood has been a blessing for my three children. It is a home away from home. My husband and I work full time and spent many hours looking for the perfect place that would nurture and treat our children with the same care and love they would receive from home. We found Winwood in 2005 and we have been with them ever since. All three of our children have had the Winwood experience and we have been very happy. Our two daughters have been blessed with the opportunity to do the kindergarten program with Mrs. Jackson. She exceeded our expectations. Winwood has been good for our family.

Winwood Children's Center Family

We cannot thank you enough for the love you have provided to our daughter Nila in Winwood. I was very confused and guilty driven when I left her in Winwood on the first day. She was 10 months old. Looking back now, I have no regrets on my decision. I wanted to thank all of her teachers Specially Patricia and Delores. You have got the best loving teachers who can take care of the kids with the utmost love. Love and trust are THE important factor when you leave your child with someone you barely know. I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate all the teachers and all that you do to take care my child. Thank you.

Suganthi and Ramesh 5 stars - Excellent

We enrolled our son in Winwood Creighton corner when he was 8 months old and the care he has received has been phenomenal. My child loves to go to school and loves being with his teachers. All the teachers have showed him care and affection that has matched that of mine and we have always dropped off and picked up a happy child. The director and assistant director have always been very approachable and have worked with us to address even the smallest issue we may have. The teachers have always made time to give us updates at the end of the day. We would never have wanted to leave if we could help it. We recommend it to everyone who wants quality care for their children and peace of mind about the care that their child is receiving.

Viju B. 4 stars - Pretty good

We have had the pleasure of being part of the Winwood family at the Fairfax location. My daughter started in the infant room and is currently part of the school age program. I still remember how difficult it was to leave my baby in someone else’s care while I went to work. However, she bonded with her “Nana” and was loved and cared for each and every day. She went through every program and I watched her blossom and bond with so many teachers. She formed wonderful friendships, along with developing socially, emotionally and cognitively. All of her teachers became a very important part of her life and our family’s lives. She left the security of the center fully prepared for elementary school. It’s so heartwarming to see her say hello to the many teachers that are still at the center and have been since she started. Her summer camp program is a reunion each year of several children that met in the infant room and still attend Winwood. We have been blessed to have such wonderful and caring people to care for and teach our child. The management team, teachers and program are the absolute best. Thank you Winwood!!

Colleen and John

My wife and I wanted to take a moment to thank the senior class at Winwood. We have had two kids in that classroom. We moved here from the west coast, and were looking for a place, where our kids could feel comfortable, loved and would also learn immediately. On our visit, the teachers made our kids feel as if they had known them for years. Even though my wife and I had to drive a little out of our way in the afternoon to pick the kids up, it was definitely worth the commute. Along with the connection our kids had right away with the teachers, I was even more impressed with their willingness to help each student with their homework along with any test preparations. With both of our children having evening activities, it was good to know that their school work was cared for and all we had to do was brush up on any missed work. My children both loved the extracurricular activities the teachers prepared for the class. Whether it was Holiday parties or arts and crafts to fun tournaments like the NCAA March Madness or the Olympics. Our kids were kept active and entertained. Even though I am happy to be moving on with progression in life with my children, I will miss my time at Winwood and would highly recommend this center to anyone who ask.

Proud Winwood Parent

I wanted to reach out to you and let you know how much fun Andrew and Jack are having in your summer camp! The boys particularly love the field trips and all the “cool” things they are doing this year. It is not easy to keep 10 and 8 year old boys entertained during the summer; however, each boy has expressed how happy they are to be at Winwood. Please let the teachers know that the boys have also mentioned that they like the teachers and that it is “fun to go to Winwood.” I have also personally witnessed the interactions between the teachers and children and can’t help but notice that they appear to be enjoying working with children and providing them with a great summer camp adventure. Thank you and your team for being the BEST school in area!

A Winwood Family

In our busy days, we often fail to stop and thank the people who make a positive impact on our life or the lives of those we love. I wanted to take a minute and reach out to you and to express my appreciation and gratitude for all you and your staff have done in the care of my two precious grandchildren, Avery and Silas Burton. Both of the children have had wonderful teachers who have loved and tenderly cared for them as well as taught them to so many amazing things! I have been to the school many times and have witnessed the loving interactions between the teachers and the children and it truly is heartwarming. My son and his wife are constantly telling me of the great things they are seeing in your school and in fact-yesterday my daughter-in-law sent me a text about the fantastic photographer you had at your school taking amazing pictures. Please let your teacher know how much we value their loving care as well as the early education they are providing.


We attended a different school prior to Winwood for four years. During that time we had two girls. Deciding to change was difficult because we loved our previous school, but necessary given family circumstances. Missy and Christine both help assure us that the transition would go well and they were both so right! It was amazing to leave a place our family loved only to find something better! Winwood has provided our girls with a community. They feel connected and own what goes on in the area around them. Winwood provides opportunities to support local families and local businesses, which we feel sets a good example for our children. We love Winwood and can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Jen, Chris, Zoë and Elena

Winwood Children’s Center is an amazing place. I can’t say enough about the teachers, director and program. The children and parents are some of the nicest people you will meet and the classrooms are over flowing with learning and fun academics.


We are VERY happy with the center’s location as well as the facilities that it provides. The teachers demonstrate a strong sense of professionalism and dedication towards their students.


We have two children who currently attend Winwood in Reston, VA. One of our children is in full day care (Pre-K) and one in the summer camp. There are many teachers at Winwood who have had a hand in helping care for both of our children, as wee ones in the infant room up through our first grader. Winwood keeps the teacher turn over very low and that contributes greatly to a sense of regularity for the kids. We also take regular advantage of the parent’s night out options that are offered (open to Winwood alumni) for both of our kids. Over the years, with all of the birthday parties and school events, we have also developed some long lasting relationships with other parents whose children attend Winwood. Someday, we will have to leave the Winwood fold for other facilities as the children age, but for now we love having them in Winwood’s caring, nurturing and educational environment.

A Winwood Parent

Winwood Reston provides an exceptional learning environment – the staff and teachers ensure the kids have fun learning new skills and playing with their friends. My daughter (5 yrs old) and son (2 yrs old) look forward to school every day!”


Winwood has been a second home to our two kids for the last eight years. It’s difficult being a working mother and leaving your kids with someone else during the day, but Winwood made it a lot easier. It’s been a place where we felt our kids were always safe, always learning, eating healthy food, and in a loving environment. Our kids thrived there, were happy to go there, loved their teachers, made lasting friendships with their classmates, and created many great memories. We enjoyed the opportunities to come to school for different events, and it was exciting and fun for the kids to have their parents come for special occasions. Overall, it’s been a great experience, we feel lucky to have found such a great place for our children, and we would highly recommend Winwood to anyone.

Caryn and Paul

We have been with this center since it opened and have been very pleased. Our daughter attended private Kindergarten here and was more than fully prepared when she started First Grade the following year. Since then, she has been going to Winwood for after-school care, which is a blessing to working parents. She is able to get dedicated time and help with her homework and burn off some energy with her friends. My son started at Winwood as a toddler and now attended the Pre-School program, which has a stimulating and engaging curriculum. The teachers and staff truly care about the kids and are responsive to the parents. We enthusiastically recommend Winwood.

Winwood Family

Patty and I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much we have enjoyed working with Winwood over the past year and a half. We have seen such significant growth in Gabriel during this time, from learning sign language, to counting and from cleaning up after he plays to being potty-trained. We credit all of these successes to the great teachers at Winwood and we are forever thankful for their role in Gabriel’s development. Every time we pick him up he tells us stories about his friends and his teachers and is always excited to show us his art work for the day. We look forward to many more months of continued success at Winwood while the teachers help him prepare for Kindergarten. From Ms. Shawna, Ms. Chenelle, Ms. Cassie, to Ms. Eleisha, Ms. Carrissa and all of the teachers who work with the kids, thank you for being such an important part of our family.


I wanted to let you know how happy we have been with Winwood over the last few years. We enrolled our children a couple of months after the center opened when my son was three and my daughter was a toddler. My son is now in first grade and my daughter is about to start Kindergarten and they both have done really well under your care. One of the things that attracted us to the center in the first place was the fact that the children rotate classrooms. With an active boy, this kept him moving, more interested and more focused. My daughter has done well with this also. You and your staff have always been very patient with us and have always addressed any questions or concerns quickly and with respect. My husband and I have truly appreciated your flexibility and professionalism. We would recommend Winwood to other families without hesitation. Thank you so much for your care and concern for our children.


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