Top 5 After School Programs in Brambleton, VA

After school programs can boost your child’s academic performance and physical health, and even help reduce bad behavior. In fact, more than 40% of students attending an after school program improve their math and reading grades! Moreover, after school programs provide a safe and nurturing environment for children of working parents.

To save you the effort of trying to find the right after school program, we’ve compiled a list of the best after school programs in Brambleton, VA.

Top 5 After School Programs in Brambleton, VA

1. Winwood Children’s Center – Brambleton I

Perfect for parents with busy work schedules, the Winwood Children’s Center in Brambleton offers a safe and supportive after school environment. This center is dedicated to creating a custom program for each child. Additionally, they offer study areas in art, cooking, technology, reading, sports, and science.

In addition to their educational benefits, they also offer homework help so children can work through difficult problems. This one-on-one attention is crucial to the success of children during their young years. For convenience, transportation is provided from local elementary schools to the Winwood center, easing any stress for working parents. Contact them today by scheduling a visit or calling an administrator at (703) 957-2912.

Parent Review:

“Our children attend this facility and we are very pleased with the level of care they receive! All the teachers and staff are warm and caring and it feels like a family. Even if your child is not in their class, it seems like all the teachers know every child. My children are excited to go to school every day to see their friends and teachers. I would highly recommend Winwood to any family!” -Parent review via Facebook

2. Winwood Children’s Center – Brambleton II

Just like the other Winwood Children’s Center, Brambleton II has a dynamic approach to after school education. In addition to homework help, this Winwood Center offers outdoor adventures and activities to encourage healthy lifestyles. They provide private transportation to and from elementary schools and this school is a closer alternative to parents in north Brambleton and bordering cities.

Parent Review:

“Walking into the Brambleton ll Winwood Children’s Center is such an amazing feeling! Immediately, I am greeted by a warm and friendly staff and an atmosphere of creativity and genuine love for children. The excited boys and girls who attend this wonderful learning center seem so happy to be there and embrace me with hugs and high fives! It’s a truly great place for children of all ages!” -Parent Review via Facebook

3. KID Museum

KID Museum is an innovative learning center for those located around the Washington, DC area. By creating hands-on learning experiences, kids can explore electronics, coding, robotics, woodworking, and textiles in this after school program. Moreover, this is one of our favorite after school programs in Brambleton, VA due to its STEM educational curriculum.

Parent Review:

Excellent place for young kids (pre-K through elementary school) to explore sciences through fun activities. Summer camps or after school programs are both valuable. Very caring staff, lots of counselors around. My eight year old and ten year old Grandkids love it there.” -Parent review via Facebook

4. Kiddie Academy in Leesburg

Kiddie Academy is a perfect place for children to finish homework, build friendships, and engage in fun extracurricular activities. Moreover, the creative explorer’s program offers clubs to suit all interests, including technology, engineering, literacy, creative arts, and health and fitness clubs. Kiddie Academy’s dynamic activities make it one of the best after school programs in the area.

Parent Review:

We love it here and more importantly our daughter loves it! There is a great structure with fun and unique activities that keep her engaged all day, learning new skills and advancing on existing ones. Every teacher is friendly and loving to all the kids. I personally appreciate how well the daycare is run by its management; makes my life a lot easier and one less thing to stress about. I highly recommend this place to anyone.” -Parent review via Facebook

5. Stem and Flower

Stem and Flower is tailored to science, technology, engineering, and math, engaging students in STEM lessons. Moreover, they provide project opportunities in astronomy, robotics, science, and engineering competitions. In addition, private tutoring sessions in individual and group settings are available for homework and test tutoring. Stem and Flower also provides transportation from elementary schools.

Parent Review:

“I’ve been looking for a place for my children for after school care and have finally found the best place ever! The staff is very kind and attentive to my children. What I love most about Stem and Flower is that they have planned projects for the kids daily and keep them busy after helping them with their homework. They are very accommodating in making my children feel as if they’re home. My kids never want to leave when I pick them up because they’re having so much fun!” -Parent review via Yelp

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With all of the excellent after school programs available, there’s no reason not to enroll your child in one of these accredited programs! By providing students with experiences that will help them improve academically and socially, your child will succeed in their future endeavors!