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About Our Development Centers


Winwood Children’s Center provides students with the inner confidence and skills needed to succeed in their early years and beyond. Our early learning curriculum has been developed by experts and refined over 23 years to bring out the best in your child!

  • Our KIND CHILD coursework teaches values centered around courtesy and clear communication. And it’s fun! Parents and other family members have commended us on the changes in behavior we have inspired in pre-K and kindergarten students through this simple program.
  • Our KINDERGARTEN CLUB cultivates a foundational understanding of problem-solving, mathematics, reading, writing, social studies and science for future teachers to build on. A 2015 independent research study shows that 100% of Cadence Education pre-kindergarten students are prepared for kindergarten. And here’s a fun fact: 80% of our students scored in the top third of all pre-kindergarteners tested for the study.


We know that as parents you want your child to be learning from the best instructors available. A recent survey of parents who have chosen Cadence Education revealed that 9 out of 10 of our child care teachers received top ratings in competence, concern for individual students, and parent satisfaction.


Playful activities and a fun-filled environment make learning a joy. At Winwood Children’s Center, we make it our business to celebrate silliness. Playfulness, laughter and warm greetings, which we also celebrate, create an ideal environment for our amazing daycare pupils to discover facts and principles about the world.


When you know your child is receiving top education from professionals who understand the tenets of safety—physical, emotional, and social—you can rest at ease. Winwood Children’s Center employees are selected for a keen understanding of what it takes to keep kids safe, and they all receive special safety training. With a nourishing, safe environment at the top of their priority list, our daycare center teachers hold the wellbeing of your kids as a paramount necessity.


With meaningful communication in place, education becomes a fluid, purposeful experience for kids away from home. As experienced parents ourselves, we understand the unsettling feeling of leaving your children with strangers, which is why we provide personalized monthly progress reports as well as weekly email updates about class activity, so you’re always involved.

Winwood Children’s Center is now a proud member of the Cadence Education Family of Schools. Cadence Education is one of the premier early childhood educators in the United States, operating over 150 private preschools and elementary schools. With over 20 years in business, we have developed an unparalleled expertise in preparing students to thrive in the next step of their childhood. Please click here to learn more about Cadence Education.